Study Centre, China institutions to Produce Literatures to Improve Chins/Nigeria Relations

In order to improve China/Nigeria relations, an agreement has been reached by the Centre for China Studies in Nigeria and some government institutions in China to produce literatures.

The Director of the Centre, Dr. Charles Onunaiju, made the disclosure after receiving in audience some delegation from China.

Speaking about the understanding his organisation had with the Chinese institutions after the meeting in Abuja, Dr. Charles Onunaiju disclosed that those in the meeting are Mr DU Zhanyuan, President, China International Communications Group; Mr HU Baomin, President, Center for Europe and Africa, China International Communications Group; Mr HU Kaimin, President, Foreign Languages Press, China International

Communications Group; Ms LIU Shuangyan, Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation, China International Communications Group, Mr SUN Zhipeng, Deputy Director-General of the General Office, China International Communications Group; and Ms. XIA Weilan, Publishing Rights Executive, Foreign Languages Press, China International Communications Group. 

Onunaiju said the institutions view the Centre as a foremost organisation for the study of China in West Africa and Nigeria, adding that: "They have expressed their desire to cooperate with us in joint research, book publishing and a whole range of issues." 

He said a liaison officer to liaise with the Centre, propose research topics and take care of other important issues have been appointed.

Onunaiju said: “There are mechanisms for follow-up. For us, it is a milestone. This is the most critical and important meeting we have had. 

"We look forward to a whole range of multiple ripple effects by way of growth of this place. 

"We don't have an agreement signed but we have an understanding that we are going to have books written by us and published by them. 

"They will also send us a lot of their books especially those published in English as a resource material. "

Onunaiju said the main focus of the Centre was to clarify the myths around China's relationship with Africa and Nigeria in particular. 

"China/Africa cooperation has one of the most mythologies, and part of our job is to continually clarify this subject, " he added.

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