Maolud Nabiy:Imbibe The Teachings, Humility, Kindness of Prophet Muhammad, Amuwo Odofin council Chairman urges Muslim .


Muslims brothers and sisters in Amuwo Odofin local government have been advised to imbibe the Teachings , humility and kindness of holy prophet Muhammed, for a peaceful and egalitarian society . 

The advise was given on Wednesday by the Executive Chairman of  Amuwo Odofin local government, Engr Valentine Oluwaseyi Buraimoh in a press release issued by his media office on the celebration of year 2023 Maolud Nabiyy, stressing that the holy Prophet lived a life of humility and a live dedicated to humanity, which should be emulated by all.  

The council boss equally appealed to Nigerians,people of Amuwo Odofin especially  to continue to keep hope alive with the federal government in the current challenges, assuring that the phase will soon pass that will usher a new phase of prosperity and development in the country. 

He posited that the teachings and humble life of the holy prophet should be source of emulation for all ,assuring that love ,kindness and empathy are displayed by the holy prophet Muhammad while alive should be vigorously pursued by all. 

In his words " I celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam on this year's celebration of the Maolud Nabbiy,which is the birthday of holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Let us continue to learn from his humble birth,his impactful teachings and commitment to humanity. We should show love and empathy to one another,which the holy prophet commanded"

Continuing "let us as Nigerians continue to keep faith with the federal government in the face  of the present economic challenges,as efforts are in top gears to alleviate the anguish occasioned by the removal of subsidy in the country. We have a capable and humane leader as president,who is out to better the lots of the people of Nigeria "

Lastly" on behalf of the Executive and Legislative arm of our  government  Amuwo Odofin local govt congratulate our Muslim brothers and sisters on the occasion of this year's celebration of the birth of holy prophet Muhammad. It's my prayer that we will witness more of today's celebration"

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