Life Sentence:CAIDOV Commends Judiciary,DPP, Others

Lagos state Judiciary has been commended for the life sentence handed medical doctor who Raped his wife's niece,Dr Femi Olaleye and that the maximum sentence will serve as deterrent to other rapists 

Reacting to the jail term,the Centre Against Injustice and Domestic Violence (CAIDOV)  in a press release signed by its Executive Director,Comrade Gbenga Soloki described the judgement as a "welcome development and a soothing balm to the traumatized survivor ,who will not recover from the trauma caused by the wickedness of the convict"

CAIDOV specifically commended Justice Rahman Oshodi for his thorough and diligent trial of the convict and the appropriate sentence handed over,which he said will ultimately deter others ,who are sex pervert to think twice before engaging in such condemnable  act in the state. 

According to him " this is sweet victory fo the poor girl,that's,the survivor,who was highly traumatized by the wicked act of Dr Olaleye. This judgement no doubt is a soothing balm. The maximum sentence is a welcome development as it's a pointer to the effect that Lagos has no room for rapists and pedophiles" 

" We must  salute the upright judge and his diligent trial which spanned almost one year. Justice Rahman Oshodi has rekindled the hope of the common man in the judiciary with his painstaking efforts throughout the trial. He is a courageous and fearless judge ,who has the fear of God. Justice Rahman Oshodi will be remembered for giving hope to the hopeless, especially victims of rape,child abuse and domestic violence."

"And to the prosecuting team led by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP),Dr Babajide Martins for the diligent prosecution of  the case. This is a victory for all ,and to the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse,there is hope at the end of the tunnel"

Finally,"to all the people who insisted that victory must be gotten for the poor girl, this is a positive response that Lagos will protect the vulnerable at all times and that no matter how long,the long arms of the law will ultimately catch up with rapists and paedophiles", the group concluded 

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