SPPG holds graduation, raises disruptive leaders to transform Africa



The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) has scheduled SEE series of events to commemorate the graduation of its Class of 2023, taking place from October 5th to 7th, 2023.


The graduation ceremony, which holds at the National Universities Commission, Abuja, will bring together disruptive political and community leaders, SPPG students and alumni, the #FixPolitics Work Study Group community and value-oriented politicians in Africa to discuss new ways to lead effectively in the continent.


The  SPPG was established to help in building a new model and pipeline of public leadership to reverse acute governance failure and leadership gaps in Africa.


The SPPG has for years built a reputation for equipping leaders wth the  right values, knowledge and skills required to solve complex public problems.


“Part of the activities slated for the hybrid three-day event include the inaugural Africa Conference, a convergence of political leaders and citizen-led movement advancing good governance across Africa, which will culminate in the graduation of the third cohort - #SPPGClassof2023,” the Chief Executive Officer of SPPG, Mrs Alero Ayida-Otobo, said.


The theme of the Africa Conference is, ‘Renaissance Africa: The Era of Citizens Shaping a New Leadership Model for Good Governance’.


“The conference will examine ways of transforming African governance at the levels of political leadership, institutions and policies, citizen engagement and participation in the short, medium and long terms,” said Ayida-Otobo.


She added, “At the end of the programme, Africa’s new leaders and active citizens will be connected to share experiences and inspire one another as they develop a sustainable system for emergence of ethical, competent and capable public leaders at scale for good governance.”


There will be special recognition and group awards for outstanding individuals, faculty, mentors and groups, who excelled as SPPG students and/or contributed significantly to the SPPG community, among others.


The conference will see distinguished speakers from the SPPG Nigeria and other African countries including Senegal, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and more, as well as SPPG students and alumni. They will also participate in breakout sessions, where participants would share the outcomes of their discussions and work towards actionable solutions.


The graduating class and members of the SPPG Alumni Network will embark on the SPPG tradition of a Citizen’s Awareness Walk to deepen their commitment to a connected and resilient Nigeria.


The closing, dedicated to the SPPG graduation, will enable the #SPPGClassof2023 to share knowledge, inspire action and celebrate their achievements.

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