Don't Impose National President,Lagos Chairman on NURTW ,Istijabah Warns


A zonal chairman of the Tricycle Owners and Operators Association of Nigeria (TOOAN),Alhaji Abiola AbdulAzeez Istijabah has warned leaders of the national Union of road transport workers,(NURTW) not to impose any candidate in the union of the position of the president, warning that there will be grave consequence for such act

In  videos he shared  on his social media handles, Alhaji Istijabah posited further that the process for selecrion of officers of the union both at the state and federal levels are in the constitution of the union ,warning that anything contrary to the principles and procedures laid down in the constitution of the union is tantamount to illegality ,which majority of members will vehemently resist

The popular Transporter went memory to relay the emergence of Alhaji Tajudeen Agbede as the state chairman of the union in Lagos state,which had to undergo election at the delegate conference despite the fact that the then national president ,Alhaji Baruwa could have imposed him on the union, but rather he allowed the supremacy of the union's constitution by allowing an election,in which Alhaji Agbede emerged victorious

Going further,Alhaji Istijabah eulogized past leaders of the union for being firm at critical periods in the history of the union ,while he cautioned the current leaders to follow their footpath by doing what's constitutionally right and proper and not allow their personal interests supercedes the collective interests 

On the leadership tussle in the state,he berated the immediate past chairman,Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya  for refusal to hand over to his successor,Alhaji Adekunle Mustapha Adio Sego, maintaining that the successor though the popular choice of majority of members of the union,there is also the need for ratification of such by decision at the delegate conference 

He warned of dire consequences if the past chairman continues to be evasive ,by refusing to hand over power ,after he publicly announced the choice of Alhaji Mustapha Sego at a meeting ,in which the governor of the state was present ,wondering why will the former chairman treat Mr Governor in such manner 

Alhaji Istijabah equally mentioned the foray of the former Chairman and his group to the Lagos state parks and garages,while they refused to leave the union and that in his return from his voyage,he announced at a meeting that,all those who followed him should return at that election of officers will be held,but he has failed to follow his words 

Finally,he enjoined all members of the union to be calm and faithful to the constitution of the union so that issue of the forthcoming delegate election will be thoroughly dealt with,while advising the former chairman to allow peace to reign in the state by handing over to Alhaji Sego,while he pursues his ambition in Abuja peacefully,stressing that Lagos alone can not determine the next president of the union,but rather the six states of south west and that only five delegates will be representing each state

In response to the videos that had gone viral,Alhaji Istijabah was applauded by most members of the union  for saying the truth ,as well as none members who see his admonition as timely which should be followed by the leadership

Alhaji Rasak Akanni ,a senior member of the union commended Istijabah for speaking the truth,advising the new chairman that such character will be needed in the new Exco due to his sincerity and commitment to the betterment of the union

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