Coup Rumor :Don't Throw the Nation into Political Tumoil,COSEG Warns North


Prominent Politicians, leaders and Elites l, who met recently  in kaduna, kaduna state capital under the guise of a peace parley, but secretly  hatching a coup have been warned to perish the thought as such unpatriotic  move will ultimately  set the nation on the path of political turmoil that will be unprecedented in the history of the nation

The warning  was in response  to an outcry by Niger Delta group,where it was disclosed  that efforts  are being surreptitiously  made to topple the government  of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu 

The warning was handed down by Yoruba group, the Coalition of Oodua Self Determination ( COSEG ) after its  meeting on Tuesday in Lagos   in a press statement signed by Dayo Ogunlana, the Chairman of the group,where it  condemned in all ramifications the call for coup by some Northern elites who they said" are not only self centered but also arrogant". 

The group said" if the news being peddled by a Niger Delta group as regards a peace meeting initiated by some Fulani elites as regards call for coup in Nigeria is genuine, then we, as  representatives of Yorubas wish to strongly warn those fulanis  allegedly involved to be weary of  the danger and the implication it will bring to the existance of Nigeria. We cannot and will not support such dangerous,reckless and murderous call by those people who want to put Nigeria under their feet  but the recent policies have shaken their long term slavery activities which they have put Nigeria under. Any attempt to go in that direction will be strongly rejected . Coup is outdated and anti -people and we all know, it always put country under it back wards"

The group thanked the the Niger Delta group for exposing and clearly gave insight to the Kaduna meeting.

The group said" we are happy that the Niger - Delta group which hinted Nigerians about what happened at the Kaduna peace parley of some of the Northern elites gave us such clarity about the motives of these wicked people who feel that Nigeria is for them only.They Should stop hiding under one finger by putting  all their wicked act on the rise in products as we all know that the real reason is that many of them are major players in the subsidy mafia and dollar racketeers and as such, Asiwaju's policies in these regards are not favourable to them. They are therefore looking for ways to get back to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidency at all cost"

COSEG  therefore called  for patience from the populace and also call on the Federal Government to do everything to eradicate poverty while also calling for rethink on the part of federal government on the setting up of a price control Agency .

The group said " we are calling on Nigerians to be patient with the Tinubu led government, while also urging  the Federal government to have a rethink or review on the setting up of a National price control Agency what will reduce the excesses of sellers who are negatively making use of this present unfortunate  situation to further  improvish our people.our people must be protected and prices of food and goods  reduced in conformity with the present reality.  Nigerians,especially  business owners and traders should  show empathy at this critical  period", the group concluded

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