Edo 2024: Akpata's Candidacy May Spring Surprises As Edo Agenda Takes Centre Stage


Last week marked the culmination of the gubernatorial primaries across various political parties in Edo State. Each party meticulously revealed its chosen candidate, setting the stage for an imminent and formidable contest to secure the occupancy of Dennis Osadebe Avenue. The candidates, poised for a strenuous battle, are now ready to vigorously compete for the esteemed position.

Olumide Akpata, the gubernatorial candidate representing the Labour Party in the upcoming Edo September elections, is deeply rooted in Edo South as a native son of the soil. The other main candidates, Asue Ighodalo and Senator Monday Okpebholo, are from Edo Central. So, the election is interesting because the candidates are from different parts of the state, making it a diverse and competitive race.

Political observers anticipate that Olumide Akpata is poised to make significant strides in the upcoming election for several compelling reasons, foremost among them being his alignment with the Edo Agenda. This comprehensive framework prioritizes holistic development across diverse sectors, emphasizing infrastructure enhancement, economic stimulation, and advancements in education and healthcare.

With a keen focus on agriculture, security, environmental conservation, and social welfare, the agenda underscores a commitment to fostering good governance, technological integration, and innovative solutions. Tailored to address the distinctive challenges of Edo State, it champions principles of transparency, inclusivity, and adaptability, ensuring governance that is both effective and responsive to the needs of the populace.

The Edo Agenda's growing popularity appears to differ significantly from sentiments surrounding the Esan Agenda, with citizens expressing concern that it is being overshadowed by the self-serving motives of both the state's ruling party, the PDP, and the main opposition party, the APC.

Residents argue that the candidacies of the PDP and APC candidates appear to be driven more by political maneuvering, with Esan Central positioned strategically to appeal to sentiment rather than genuine development concerns. This manipulation, they assert, risks sacrificing the overall progress of the state for the sake of personal gain. Many believe that Olumide Akpata's candidacy holds promise for enacting the transformative changes Edo State has been yearning for.

Akpata is widely acknowledged for embodying the essential attributes required to instigate a positive transformation in the state, with his unwavering commitment to the Edo Agenda. The prevailing sentiment among Edo residents reflects a collective weariness with the prolonged stagnation witnessed over the past years. There's a palpable uncertainty among the populace, pondering whether the state has truly progressed or regressed during this period of time.

In this context, Akpata's candidacy emerges as a beacon of hope, promising a departure from the status quo and presenting a genuine opportunity for revitalization. His alignment with the Edo Agenda resonates with those who seek a comprehensive approach to development, addressing critical issues that have been overlooked or inadequately addressed in recent years.

As Edo residents express their collective yearning for substantive progress and positive change, Akpata stands as a candidate perceived to possess the vision, dedication, and strategic approach needed to break the cycle of stagnation and lead the state towards a more promising and prosperous future.

Oshiobugie John Omo-Ikirodah contributes from Benin City

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