Opinion:Old-garage-Lameco road: Why Adeleke's govt is still hiding cost of the contract


By Waheed Adekunle

From all indications, it is apparent that the Osun state government under the leadership of Governor Ademola Adeleke is not ready to disclose a 'Kobo' as to the financial implications on any of the infrastructural projects contracted so far as his government has been keeping mute and remained perpetually silent on 'who-takes-what-at-what-cost' on policies formulation and projects implementation in the state since he assumed office.

The hints within the government circle is that, the Adeleke's government is hellbent to continually hoodwink the citizens over its non-disclosure of the financial implications of any of the capital projects allegedly for pecuniary gains.

It is of public knowledge that the contract price of all the acclaimed  projects executed thus far under the current administration has been strictly kept away from public scrutiny, a move that suggests impropriety, endemic fraud and palpable corruption in the corridor of power.

Despite the tensed constructive criticisms from the general public particularly from members of the opposition parties in the state to hold the government accountable, it is disheartening that Osun state government could still be keeping public in the dark as to the cost of proposed road projects to be executed in the state.

Recall that the leadership of the main opposition party in the state- the All Progressives Congress, APC, recently berated the Adeleke's government for running the state like a private enterprise of Adeleke's dynasty. Also, in some of my previous write-ups, the endemic ruthlessness, unchecked impunity, nepotism, chauvinism and clannishness that have reared their ugly heads within the government circle and ruling class in the state were sufficiently x-rayed.

It is unheard-of that, in the 21st century, there's still a government that would claim to have been spending public funds on projects with no specific or traceable amount for scrutiny by the public whose commonwealth is being used to power government, run governance and administer the affairs of the state.

Despite the fact that the government has continuously turned deaf ears to the hues and cries from the masses, it is imperative to continuously let the whole world know that up till now the Adeleke's government has not disclosed to the people of Osun the contract cost of roads it claims government wants to execute, particularly, the ongoing Old-garage-Okefia-Lameco dual carriage road; Akoda-Oke-Gada-Ede-Prime dual carriage road, among others.

It could be recalled that sometimes last year, the main opposition party exposed the state government for flouting the state's Public Procurement Law in awarding the Akoda-Ede-Oke-Gada-Ofatedo-Prime-Osogbo road. It was in the news that the Osun state government didn't follow the details of the laws guiding public procurement, project award and execution before it embarked on the said road last year ditto other roads project awarded at the same time.

The Information Commissioner, Barrister Kolapo Alimi, when he appeared on a radio programme to defend the undefendable, couldn't give a convincing evidence as to the failure of his principal to adhere strictly to the Public Procurement Laws in the execution of road infrastructural projects in the state. But he admitted procurement was done after the award of contract like obtaining HND before going to study for OND a la PDP way.

The raging questions begging for answers are: why has the Adeleke's government chosen to be running Osun as their private enterprise? Why has the state government been hiding the actual costs of some of the projects being executed? Why has the Governor not told the citizens the contract cost of the ongoing Akoda-Oke-Gada-Ede-Prime dual carriage road, Old-garage-Okefia-Lameco dual carriage road among others? Is the Adeleke's government truly transparent and accountable as claimed? 

Not until these and many others questions agitating the minds of the citizens are adequately and sufficiently answered with empirical facts and figures, the government would continue to be bombarded with enquiries, so as to arrest its irresponsible way of doing things.

As citizens continue to hold the government accountable to its responsibilities and statutory obligations, it is vital for the current government in the state to come out from its shell to give account of its stewardship and furnish public with accurate records of all its income and expenditures most significantly the expenses incurred on each of the roads claimed to have either been completed or still ongoing in the state.

It is also imperative for the government to as a matter of exigency disclose the actual amount it has received from FAAC as allocation, IGR, grants, interventions and lot more without further delay.

May God heal our land!

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