Sanwo-Olu’s CoS threatens law suit against Gani Adams over alleged defamation

The Chief of Staff to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Mr Tayo Ayinde, on Wednesday served a notice to the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams, to retract what he decribed as “heavy and damaging allegations” made by the traditional warlord or face legal action.

In the notice served through his lawyer, Olumide Fusika, Ayinde stated that he had heen inundated with local and international telephone calls as well as personal visits informed by some references to him in a Press Release, titled “I did not take part in killing Chief Bola lge”, by Sunday Adeyemo, denouncing the accusation of the Aare.

The allegation by the Aare which has since gone viral, recounts a supposed plot by the chief of staff and popular human rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho to eliminate him.

In the Press Release, Sunday Adeyemo claimed to be reacting to “issues raised by the voice notes going around on social media’”, released by Aare Gani Adams which attacked his character.

The legal notice also detailed the allegations made by Gani Adams in a two part series of Yoruba and English language translations.

Warning the defendant that his accusations were damaging, it further requested that a retraction be made via a Press Release or a voice note circulation through social media if necessary.

The legal notice read in conclusion: “You will agree with me that the imputations in the above are as serious and damaging as those who have listened to the voice notes’ have represented it to my client by their telephone calls and visits.

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“It includes that my client is complicit in a conspiracy to murder you, and is in fact the coordinator of the phantom operation.

“Given your own experience in life, I am sure you will appreciate how painful it is to be unjustly accused, as you have done in this instance against my client.

“My instructions are therefore to respectfully demand that you retract the false and wicked allegation, either through another ‘voice note’ to go round the same social media, or by a Press Release referencing and recanting the allegation.

“I do believe that this gentlemanly request will be voluntarily heeded by you without any on my client’s part to press you further on the subject.”

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