The CSOs Strategists, a non - partisan , civic engagement coalition has called on Nigerians to dig deep into their nationalist' pouch for calm and forbearance as citizens go through hard times in this temporary season of scarcity of petroleum products , believed to have been occasioned by a number of subjective economy factors. The Group notes that it is akin to a rain that spares no roof, urging all citizens to gird our lions.

The organization in a press statement  signed by its Convener, Comrade Ahmed  Balogun observed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration is pursuing the right direction in its economic reform policies , which shall inevitably set solid foundation for the country's development strides. It noted that the President , from the Inauguration on  29th. May , 2023 has  been unambiguous on its resolved for economic reforms particularly on the removal of subsidles on petroleum products .

 It may be trite to emphasis here that all the leading political parties in the last general elections PDP  and LP were in concurrent on the dire imperative to remove subsidies that have become canker worms on our national economy - feeding fat cabals:

However , the Federal Gouvernement announced a number of economic initiatives which wound have effectively addressed any long - term negative consequences in order to tackle the perennial energy crisis in the country . These include ; surmounting pervasive insecurities ; ensuring some of the nations' refineries become  operational ; building new refineries  and , support for private sector participation in the sector particularly the Dangote Refinery . All these have datelines for around the last quarter last year, 2023. 

Records at our disposal , show that geniune efforts are vigorously exerted to meet up these objectives and soon , Nigerians and the country shall reap the dividends of these economic reform policies.

  We are not perturbed by the exacerbation of the present artificial scarcity . It would be infantile illusion to expect that petroleum products ' parasitic cabals, profiteering from the subsidy regime would just applaud PBAT's Federal Government's subsidy removal policy without a fight - back. We are apt to assert that the nation is  suffering now in the throes of a devious gang - up by subsidy cabals" whose sinister plan is to hike the prices of petroleum products"!

We are bold to call the attention of hapless Nigerians to the fact that entrenched forces within the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC Ltd, and Independent Petroleum Marketing Association of Nigeria, IPMAN are consciously  orchestrating the scarcity of petroleum products to engender a new, high  price regime . We, thus , unequivocally call  on the Federal Government and PBAT to urgently conduct a forensic audit of the industry with a view to fishing out the "Economic Saboteurs" entrenched in the system!

We are equally not un - aware that the present situation many be opportunistically explored by forces of distractions to forment further social and political chaos. We call on all Nigerians to be eternally vigilant and wary of detractors, keen on creating crisis to destabilise our national polity.

 The CSOs Strategists plead with all Nigerians to be patient , persever and calm, this storm shall pass. The truth is that . We have no other country . As they say in street parlance , " Even if their is SAPA , we cannot JAPA ! . It is time for all of us to put on our creative, ingenious caps and Fix - Nigeria. No one else can do that for us but ourselves. Despite the pains, light of gains shall be for us all, at the end of the tunnel.

Long Live Nigeria.

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