False Local Government Ranking Sparks Controversy: Conference57 CPS Denounces Faceless Bloggers


In a bold move to defend the integrity of local government leadership in Lagos State, the Conference57 Chief Press Secretaries (CPS) issued a resounding condemnation of faceless bloggers for their alleged dissemination of baseless rankings. The conference, representing the 57 Council Chairmen in the state, convened to address what they termed a threat to democratic values and the reputation of their esteemed leaders.

The Conference 57 CPS minced no words in their rebuke of these bloggers, accusing them of being instruments of opposition parties and detractors of progressive democracy. They portrayed these bloggers as purveyors of falsehoods, motivated by personal agendas rather than a commitment to transparency or public interest.

According to the Conference57 CPS, these rankings not only undermine the hard-earned reputation of the council chairmen but also pose a danger to the democratic process itself. By spreading misinformation and fostering discord, the faceless bloggers allegedly seek to destabilize the grassroots governance system championed by the state administration.

A press release by the conference 57 CPS earlier this morning invoked the visionary leadership of former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, highlighting his blueprint for grassroots management as a model for Africa. Under this framework, the council chairmen purportedly prioritize essential services such as healthcare and education, spearheading infrastructural development at the grassroots level.

At the forefront of this defense stands Hon. (Barr.) Alabi Kolade David, the current leader of the Lagos State local government council chairmen, with Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu praised for his support and dedication. The Conference57 CPS urged unity against the deceptive tactics of faceless bloggers and rallied for a collective stance in defense of truth and progress.

As the controversy rages on, the statements made by the Conference57 CPS serve as a testament to the fierce loyalty and unwavering support these officials have for their leaders and the grassroots governance system they represent.

Ayodele AyeyÄ™mi, Chairman of the Conference 57 CPS in a statement said, “today, we address a grave concern that threatens the very fabric of our democratic values: the proliferation of baseless rankings by faceless and unprofessional bloggers. We, the Conference57 Chief Press Secretaries (CPS) representing the 57 Council Chairmen in Lagos State, unequivocally condemn these bloggers as nothing more than agents of opposition parties and enemies of progressive democracy.”

“These bloggers, driven by ulterior motives and a blatant disregard for truth, seek to undermine the hard-earned reputation of our respected Chairmen. They peddle lies and misinformation, masquerading as champions of transparency while serving their own selfish interests. We refuse to let their deceitful narratives go unchallenged.” He added

The Conference57 CPS known for its bastion of truth and integrity, firmly rejected the spurious local government rankings as mere attempts to seek attention and sow discord.

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