France Supports Nigeria’s Health Sector with €3 million


The Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of France to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Jean Francois Hasperue has disclosed that France supported Nigeria’s health sector with €3 million in 2023.

This according to him  goes to non governmental agencies (NGOs) to improve healthcare delivery in the country.

He noted that France has on yearly basis supported the Nigeria’s health sector as part of her collaboration towards assisting in the wellness of Nigerians.

France in addition to the support of €3 million through the bilateral arrangement that include the NGOs contribute to healthcare in Nigeria and the rest of the world through the multilateral arrangement of global funds to health, where it is the second highest donor.

Speaking at the weekend during a breakfast debate in Abuja hosted by the French Embassy in Nigeria to mark the World Health Day, Hasperue said France sees health as one of the fundamental rights of human being and must be enjoyed by all without discrimination and in that light contribute massively towards the Global Health Fund.

He said: “We are already working with Nigerian government on health issues. Firstly, France is the second country in the world with the most contribution to the Global Fund on Health, it gives you an indication how we care about health across the globe. 

“In Nigeria for example, France spends €3 million in health in Nigeria last year, we are working with Nigerian government on different aspects, on humanitarian aspect and infrastructure as well. 

“At present we have a project on building and renovation of hospitals in Oyo state, and we are planning to multiply this kind of project with government towards development of network of health infrastructure. Not only that, we have private companies investing in health, we have a French company in a joint venture to produce medication in this country as well. We try to mobilize our collaboration with the government and private companies towards improving health care in Nigeria.”

He noted that Nigerian government is not unaware of the importance of investing in the health sector as it is one of the sector it gives priority to

The envoy said: “The government of Nigeria is surely interested in the health and well being of its citizens for they have asked us to partner with them in this sector. I believe health should be at the centre of the plan of a nation. It should be the topmost on government plan for it is basic need.”

He added that: “Health and security are very important. People need to thrive and develop their activities in a country and once you have good health and secured environment you are on the right track. With good health and creativity of Nigerians, you can be whatever you want.”

On the choice of students for the debate to commemorate the World Health Day, he said: “We want to have an event to mark the event and we thought instead of having debates by specialists we feel we should give the floor to students, the ones who own the future of this nation and as well as France. We wanted to ask them want they think about health.”

The debate with the topic: “Access to healthcare: a fundamental right or duty?” was anchored by Gloria Tameko, Aisha Gueye, Rayan Saimua and Oriane Boa, all students of Lycee Francois Marcel Pagnol in Abuja and moderated by Dr. Andrew Marbell, the Nutrition and Health Programme Manager with Action against Hunger, Nigeria.

Key points of their submission is the need to make health accessible to all without prejudice and the need to improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

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