Israel Wants Atrocities in Gaza Hidden, Says Palestine Envoy


Palestine Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Abdullah Shawesh has accused Israel of scaring people from Gaza so that the atrocities it is coming in the city would remained hidden.

The Ambassador who spoke to journalists on the ongoing siege by the Israeli force on Gaza at the weekend alleged that last week’s attacks on aids trucks was deliberately done by the Israeli authorities.

The envoy while highlighting some key issues following the attacks, said last Monday’s attack was done to scare those offering support to the displaced and hungry people of Palestine.

Shawesh said the aim of the attacks on the cars conveying aids was to send a warning signal, insisting that: “It was deliberately done. They want to send a clear message to others not to come to Gaza to provide aids and support for the Palestine people.

He also alleged that the attack “imposes another restriction for providing aids as international agencies have all suspended aids.

He decried that there is an impending hunger and malnutrition as a result of lack of humanitarian access.

The Envoy, quoting World Health Organisation (WHO), said the long-term effects of malnutrition can compromise the health and well-being of an entire future generation.

He noted that preliminary toll of the ongoing Israeli war against the Palestinian people over the past 181 days has resulted in 32,916 death and 75,494 injured. 

He lamented that two -thirds of the causalities are women and children.

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