Ukrainian Company Set to Invest in Nigerian Energy Sector


A Ukrainian company, EDS, has started the move to invest in Nigerian energy sector.

The Director of the company, Zapyshynyi Olexandr, addressing a press briefing in Abuja on Monday, said the company was already mapping out strategies on how to go about the project.

Olexandr while noting that the project will combine solar, wind and hydro energies, said it will begin in the FCT and Lagos before cascading to other states.

He said: “We are looking at mini-grids because we realised that that is where the energy problem is in Nigeria."

He revealed that: “How successful the first project is will determine how much investment we will bring in.”

He said Nigeria should expect more investments from Ukraine, for the country is moving towards investing in Africa.

Olexandr said the President of Ukraine has given the go ahead for Ukrainian companies to invest in Africa.

Also speaking at the press conference, President of the Ukraine-Nigeria Business Council, Ben Gbade Ojo, said: “Today, we are pleased to present to Nigerians the EDS Ukraine Power and Engineering, a Ukrainian company that has all it takes to turn around the electric power fortunes of Nigeria and help transform Nigeria into a power-efficient nation. 

"We welcome the EDS to Nigeria and urge all Nigerians to take advantage of their immense capabilities for sustainable power sector efficiency in Nigeria." 

He said the prime objective of this press conference was to avail the government and Nigerians of the vast opportunities available for the sustainable development and maximal performance of Nigeria’s troubled electric power sector, through a partnership with the people of the Republic of Ukraine. 

The Electricity Act of 2023, signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari in March 2023, and the Amended Act, signed into law this year by President Bola Tinubu permit private participation across all levels of the electricity supply chain, provided such private entities obtain the appropriate licence (s).

Based on the amendment, Nigerians can now participate in the electricity supply business, which was previously the exclusive preserve of the federal government, as administered by the sector regulator, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission. (NERC).

With the constitution amended, and the National Assembly having passed a law for the electricity sector in line with the amendment and having become an Act, the states will now proceed to establish their power sector laws and regulations.

The 2023 Electricity Act, by virtue, allows anyone to construct, own, or operate a business for generating electricity exceeding one megawatt in aggregate at a site. 

Ojo also said the Ukrainian-Nigerian Business Council had fully mobilised to help the federal and state governments and all-electric power sector players and stakeholders benefit maximally from this revolutionary Electricity Power Act.

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