Agreement Signed for Deployment of Electric Motorbikes in Lagos


Swap Station Mobility Limited has signed partnership agreement with Glovo and Siltech World to deploy electric motorbikes, smart swappable batteries, and a network of quick interchange stations across Lagos State. 


The Partnership will provide Glovo couriers with 2-wheel electric motorbikes that offer lower cost, clean mobility alternative to the internal combustion engine (ICE).  

The Electric Vehicles (EVs) are provided on a lease-to-own model whilst also offering riders a unique “pay as you ride” or “weekly subscription” to access SSM’s battery swap and charging facilities, technical support and cover for insurance, licensing, and routine maintenance services. In order to increase adoption, Swap Station intends to build out a network of solar powered automated quick interchange battery stations along major demand routes and logistics bases starting in Lagos and surrounding states over the next twenty-four months.


Blackaion Capital and FundCo Capital Managers who are the co-sponsors of Swap Station Mobility, believe the operational cost of battery swapping per kilometre (km) will remain substantially lower than the fuel cost per km for the ICE counterpart. “This is the main value driver which has been catalysed by the Federal Government’s near elimination of fuel subsidies. 

The products developed or distributed by Swap Station are designed to exceed the performance of petrol alternatives whilst significantly improving CO2 emissions, local air quality, and cost efficiency for users over the life of the asset,” said the Director at Swap Station and Partner at Blackaion Capital, Obiora Okoye,


Okwu Njoku who sits on the Board went on to say, “We are very excited about signing with Glovo who operate one of the most prolific food delivery platforms in Nigeria. Our EVs and swappable batteries are in-country, and Siltech World, one of our key technology and technical partners, supported us with the procurement, testing, and certification of the EVs, and so, we are now ready to start operations. We plan to spend the next few months securing additional swap locations, building our technology platform, and expanding our team.”


Abiodun Oni, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FundCo Capital Managers, and former Regional Sales Director, Energy, for Tesla, stated, “e-mobility is critical to our sustainable infrastructure investment strategy, and this agreement with our partners enables us to kick start that process”. 


On his part, Head of Operations at Glovo, Ify Adah stated, “ By 2030, our goal is to have about half of our orders delivered by non-combustion vehicles.  So, we are very excited and look forward to working with Swap Station, and supporting our couriers with cleaner and more cost-effective transport solutions.”


Swap Station is an integrated EV financing and battery charging infrastructure development company that has built a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) platform that provides access to electric 2-wheel and 3-wheel vehicles, swap station infrastructure, swappable batteries, and a hub for repairs and maintenance services to fleet owners, businesses, and users operating in the logistics and last mile connectivity in Nigeria.


Blackaion Capital is a West Africa focused infrastructure advisor, developer, and asset manager with offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Mauritius. Blackaion’s mission is to create exceptional long-term value for all stakeholders by developing and capitalising tech-enabled and climate-friendly infrastructure projects and companies.


FundCo is a specialised Alternative Asset Manager for sustainable infrastructure-related funds across critical economic sectors. These are selected industries providing essential services to the society, with domestic geographic diversity, have secure cash flows, are recession resilient, and ideally, offer some inflation protection. FundCo is duly registered with and licensed by Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a portfolio/fund manager in line with the SEC rules.

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