LAGOS is about the Fifth (5th) largest growing city in the world. With a bursting population, climbing to 25 million people, it  is safe to vouch that Lagos is a microcosm of the macro Nigeria nation. Lagos is however, overwhelmed with the challenges of population exploision as well as environmental despoilations, which is threatning to shred the template of the Lagos State Government developmental agenda to transform the state into a "Global Mega - City".

Environmental safety is strategic to the holistic development of any society. Today's global community is contending with myriads of environmentally - mitigated crisis. Some are natural, others are by- products of becoming an industrial society", while many are man-made  

The Lagos State Government has been trying to take up all these in its strides, the lagoon surge, despoilations of nature and various socio- environmental malaise,-crimes, drugs, prostitution, kidnappings, terrorism etc are a few examples of social problems the State is facing because of illegal squatters' structures..

 The CSOs Strategists note that in recent times, there have been incidences of fire outbreaks, where properties goods and human lives that cannot be quantifled in millons were lost, largely due to inabilities of requisite firefighter services and security personnel to access the location of the incidences.

It as good to emphasize that the original master-plans of most communities in the State that provide for "Environmental harmony and safety" have been bastardized by the nefarious activities of unscrupulous property/land merchants and greedy developers.

We are conscious of the importance of the environmental safety measures for the protection of lives, businesses and properties of citizens, which the State has the onerous responsibilities to bear. The global ozone layer depletion crisis has provoked monumental "climate change", and environmental crisis, affecting agriculture, health and standards of living of mankind. Steps are being taking by State parties, global institutions, corporate bodies and individuals to remedy the  slopes of reclaiming nature. Lagos cannot be an exception. This is even more critical to the development agenda of transforming Lagos into a prosperous, modern, industrial mega-city 

Efforts of the Hon.Commissioner for Environment, Tokunbo Wahab in this regards not only deserves applauding but requires all well -meaning Lagosians and global citizens to support. An environmentally safe society, provides stability and security necessary for economic investments. In Lagos, many of the drainages, carnals and water ways have sprout up illegal, squatter structures,  causing massive flooding in the State and serving as hibernation grounds for numerous , illicit activities, social vices, drugs, and extreme violent crimes.

Tackling this social menace of illegal structures hindering infrastructural harmony should not be politicized as Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, the Gubernatorial candidate of Labor Party in the last general elections is attempting to do. Rather, all hands must be on deck to keep Lagos, environmentally safe for all , for business to thrive and for development of our communities.

Long live Lagos state 


Ahmed Balogun


Frontline Socio-economic  Research Centre 

Alex Omotehinse

Centre for human and Socio-economic  rights 

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