The organised Labour and Government have conducted the usual hanglings always associated with the negotiations of Minimum Wage in the country. However,  huge questions beg for answer!

Does the process meets universal standards, is it the best for true federating nation-state, what does it holds for macro economic stability , etc ?. 

Below are few heuristic facts for considerations before the President takes further actions :-

1. The Tripartite Committee, comprising the Government, Employers and Labour has submitted its report to the Federal Government.

2. The composition of the Committee meets global standards in industrial relations' social partnership as envisaged by International Labour Organization, ILO

3. Weeks of going forth and back of the Committee witnessed Government agreeing to review the minimum wage from 30, 000, first to 60, 000 then later to 62, 000. Private Sector felt comfortable with 70, 000 while Labour yoyo- danced from, 615,000, to 250,000 after embarking on strike action on June 3, 2024.

4. The Committee Report recommended N62,000 while Labour submitted its report demanding N250,000.

5. Labour issued a threat to resume its strike action if President Tinubu sent anything lesser than its demand to be legislated as new National Minimum Wage.

6. In diplomacy, war and Industrial, negotiations are never conducted under an atmosphere of threats. No one negotiate with a Dagger in the jocular. The deployment of strike actions to tilt pendulum of negotiations is abysmally wrong.

7. It is against the spirits and letters of the principles of social partnership as advanced by ILO

8. In advanced economy of Europe and the USA, minimum wages are never toddle with for years. Thus, giving the ambience for macroeconomic stability.

9. In Nigeria, Minimum Wage is largely a Farce as most States can't and don't pay with active re negotiations by the State Councils of Organized Labour. Private Sector do as they like either paying higher or lower. Yet Labour keeps quiet. So, why waste saliva  on Minimum Wager Agreements? Declaring strikes that disrupt the national economy is really nothing but SABOTAGE.

10. Organized Labour have maintained Criminal Silence on Casualisation, anti labour practices, and Non Unionization in many industries where they merely collect " Settlement Levies" .  Yet, they destabilize Government that fulfills its industrial responsibilities.

11. It is patently wrong to continue toeing the unitary system imposed by the military. In a true federating nation - state, each component unit - State negotiates what it is capable of paying. There's is no Federal Might.

12. If the President must send the New Minimum Wage Bill to the National Assembly, it is highly recommended that he should ingeniously eye how the Federal System shall reflect in it.

Thanks and may God bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria


Balogun Hameed

Convener Frontline Socio-economy research centre

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