Daurama Foundation Restores Access to Clean Water at Kuchingoro IDP Camp


Daurama Foundation has assisted in the successful restoration of access to clean water at the Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp. 

This transformative project has addressed one of the most pressing issues faced by the camp residents, significantly improving their quality of life.

During a recent visit to the Kuchingoro IDP camp, Daurama Foundation's founder, Dr. Samira Buhari, was deeply moved by the dire conditions. "Seeing the absence of clean water was heart-wrenching. It’s a basic necessity that no one should be deprived of, and the impact on the community, especially the women and children, who are already displaced from their original homes, was profound," she shared.

One resident, Aisha Babuna, poignantly highlighted the struggle. "Without clean water, our daily lives were filled with hardship. We couldn’t cook, clean, or even drink safely. Our children were constantly at risk of diseases," Aisha explained to our team when they visited.

In response to this urgent need, the Daurama Foundation's Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) team immediately engaged with key stakeholders, including the camp’s chairman and secretary, to devise a sustainable solution. After thorough consultations, it was decided that repairing the existing boreholes would be the most effective approach.

"Our team collaborated with local experts to ensure the repairs were done swiftly and effectively," said Dr. Samira Buhari. "Today, it’s a delight to say that the residents of Kuchingoro IDP camp have access to clean and safe water once again."

The impact of this project has been profound. The Chairman of the IDP camp expressed immense gratitude: "The restoration of clean water has rejuvenated our community. It has brought hope and relief, allowing us to focus on rebuilding our lives."

Women in the camp, who are primarily responsible for fetching water, have felt a significant burden lifted. "Having clean water means our children are healthier, and we can take better care of our families," said one of the mothers in the camp. "It’s more than just water; it’s a lifeline."


 He said the Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting communities in need. This project exemplifies our dedication to enhancing health and well-being through practical and impactful initiatives. By addressing the basic needs of vulnerable populations, we strive to create sustainable change and improve lives.

The Daurama Foundation was established by Dr. Samira Buhari and is committed to improving health outcomes and championing the rights of women and girls across Nigeria through advocacy, comprehensive education, and active community engagement. 

It works to tackle pressing issues that affect the well-being and rights of girls and women in the communities it serves with programmes aim at addressing domestic violence, improve neonatal health, and advocate for menstrual health and hygiene; empowering women and girls, fostering sustainable development, and attaining equality heavily rely on these pivotal focus areas.

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