NiDO Worldwide appoints Victor Ubani as Coordinating Chairman


Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NiDO) Worldwide has appointed Dr Victor Ubani as its Coordinating Chairman till December 2024.

According to a statement on Monday by NiDO, Ubani’s appointment which will last up to December 2024 is with immediate effect based on the organisation’s policy of rotation of its leadership among continents of the world.

“Ubani’s assumption of office is in line with NiDO Worldwide’s tradition of the chairmanship position between six of its continental chairs.

`Ubani who is the Continental Chair of NiDO Americas takes over from Mr Titus Alagba his counterpart from Africa,” the statement said.

In an interview, Ubani told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he accepted the appointment and considered it a call to higher service.

He pledged to work with NiDO members worldwide, to redouble efforts and harness Nigerian Diaspora human capital, economic and technological resources for Nigeria’s development.

He further appealed for cooperation among NiDO stakeholders to build a stronger and more impactful organisation.

“It is the of NiDO Americas turn and that is how I got it. I urge Nigerians in the Diaspora to work closely with me.

“We have so much potential in Nigeria and we do not have to be suffering, even if we do not have adequate crude oil remittances from the Diaspora can suffice.

“I need full cooperation from Nigerians in the Diaspora in the next six months and I promise to do the best I can to achieve meaningful progress in the organisation,” Ubani said.

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