Nigeria Currently Working on Deepening Bilateral Relations with US, Says Tuggar


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Yusuf Tuggar has revealed that Nigeria is currently working to deepen bilateral relations with the United States in line President Bola Tinubu’s Nigeria’s foreign policy thrust and initiatives.

Tuggar, made the revelation at the 248th U.S. independence anniversary dinner organized by the U.S. Embassy in Abuja on Tuesday.

The Minister who was represented by the Director of Regions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Janet Olisa, said deepening Nigeria-U.S. ties would further cement their many years of cooperation and friendship.

The minister noted that the signing of the Nigeria-U.S. Binational Cooperation was one of the major foreign policy initiatives of the Tinubu administration that would be strengthened, while others would be explored.

He noted that Nigeria-U.S. bilateral relations had been nurtured over the years with various cooperations that have strengthened their ties.

He said: “Since our independence, we have been two nations that have continued to watch our friendship, our bond, and cooperation very tightly.

“One of the major things that happened this year was the Nigeria-U.S. Binational Cooperation agreement, and it is a testament of how important and cordial our relationship is. 

“The Secretary of State just left Nigeria not too long ago. And to ensure that we had a smooth running, the Deputy Secretary of State, who had just been confirmed, hurried up to Nigeria to ensure that we had a very successful by Binational.”

The minister said that there were several other agreements and cooperations with the U.S. that Nigeria was looking into with a view to deepening and strengthening them.

“We are also looking into security, which is key to the African nation and very key to Nigeria. We are looking at strengthening the security bond between us we are thankful for all the security cooperation that we receive,” he said.

The Minister also expressed Nigeria’s gratitude to the U.S. for the various interventions in the country’s health sector challenges.

He said: “We are also grateful that in the Ministry of Health, we’ve been able to get some collaborations as well in all the AIDS programmes that have been going on.

“That is the bond of friendship, as we welcome also the incoming ambassador. We know he’s going to have a wonderful time here. I must say that we Nigerians are a people that have always understood the importance of nationhood.

“Nationhood is key to us and for that our security cannot be taken for granted. So I wish you all a very fruitful celebration and we join you to say Happy Independence.”

Speaking earlier, Amb. Richard Mills, the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, said the two countries were two proud federal republics that shared a commitment to democracy and freedom.

He said that they both shared the belief that was expressed in the US Declaration of Independence 248 years ago, adding that every Nigerian and U.S. citizen shared in the right to life to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“As I settle into Abuja and into my role as the 22nd U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, I look forward to meeting with many of you and how we will work together to strengthen our ties.”

Also speaking, Amb. David Greene, U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission and Charge d’Affairs, said that the occasion was an opportunity to take a quick look at the state of the two nations’ ties, particularly given the incredible momentum in their relationship. 

The U.S. envoy disclosed that there are 700,000 Nigerians living and working in the U.S., saying it underscored the significance of the U.S.-Nigeria people-to-people ties, which is the bedrock of the relationship.

Greene added that: “Our bond has always been strong. But lately it feels like we’re really sprinting forward together to make Nigerians and Americans more secure, more healthy, more prosperous.”

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