Breaking News : Germany Announces New Visa Rules, invites Nigerian Graduates, IT Professionals


Germany has revamped its visa rules, making it easier for skilled Nigerians to obtain the blue card. Discover reduced income thresholds, eligibility for recent graduates and IT professionals, and simplified travel for blue card holders. Seize the chance to apply and embark on a rewarding professional journey.

Skilled Nigerians aspiring to work in Europe now have an excellent opportunity, as Germany has revamped its visa requirements to simplify the process of obtaining the coveted blue card visa. The blue card is a residence permit designed for qualified non-EU foreign nationals seeking employment in an EU country, providing an accelerated path to permanent residency.
Key Changes in Blue Card Requirements:

Income Threshold Reduction:
The annual income requirement for the blue card has been significantly reduced. For sought-after fields like mathematics, healthcare, and IT, the threshold is lowered from €58,400 to €39,682.80. Other workers must now earn €43,800 to qualify.

Eligibility for Recent Graduates and IT Professionals:
Recent university graduates within the last three years and IT professionals with a minimum of three years of experience, even without a degree, are now eligible for the blue card at a reduced salary.

Work-Related Travel for Blue Card Holders:
Blue card holders from another EU country can visit Germany for up to 90 days for work-related trips without the need for a visa.

Long-Term Residence for Blue Card Holders in Another EU Country:
Individuals residing in another EU country on a blue card for at least a year can now live and work in Germany long-term without requiring a visa.

How to Apply for a Blue Card:

Application Process:
Complete the blue card application available on the official Germany ServicePortal Berlin.
Submit the application to the German embassy in Abuja or Lagos.

Detailed Application Information:
For comprehensive details on the application process, refer to the provided link.

Germany’s commitment to attracting skilled foreign workers is evident in these policy changes, offering new opportunities for Nigerians seeking employment in Europe. 

The simplified process aims to make the relocation and employment of skilled professionals more accessible and streamlined.

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