The bare face falsehood, twisted narratives, blackmail and propaganda spewed by an 84 year old Dr Albert Ndulue to justify his continued defiance of judgements of courts contained in an on line interview and a few daily newspapers have been brought to our attention.

In these times, when the otherwise salutary social media, is employed by law breakers and outlaws, to justify their continued attack on law and order, appealing to vile public sentiments , hiding truth and riding on vile narratives, we owe it as a duty to inform the public of the truth so as to be wary of the likes of  Dr Ndulue Albert, an 84 years old man, who sadly has chosen to denigrate his high stature with indefensible lies.

I shall, therefore, as Receiver Manager of all that charged landed  Assets In-Receivership in my possession situate at Alma Beach Estate, Ikate conveyed in the Debenture Trust Deed dated 20th February, I991 and registered as 75/75/1949 of the Land Registry in the office in Lagos seek to puncture the cheap propaganda, blackmail, libelous contents and insipid lies being purveyed by Dr Albert Ndulue, the 84 year old retired gynecologist as follows:

1. It is blatant falsehood that Dr Albert Ndulue came on to the parcel of land in 1991 but rather he began to lay claim to the land through some phoney arrangement vide an invalid Deed of Assignment entered between him and the debtor company (Alama Beach Estate Limited) dated 5th March 2006 and a purported Survey plan dated 18th October, 2006 ,long after the Receiver had taken over the charged assets in 2002. The said 2006 Deed and phantom survey plan are attached as Annexure 1 & 2. *I challenge Dr Ndulue to produce any title document entitling him to the land prior to 2002* when the assets crystallized.

2. Dr Albert Ndulue and his co land grabbers began to lay claim to the charged assets between 2003 and 2016 when their predecessor in title - the debtor company held down the Receivership in litigation for 13 years by court *action which was eventually resolved in favour of the Receiver in Appeal No. CA/L/365/2004 in 2016.* Dr Albert Ndulue would rather not mention such a landmark judgment because it would puncture his sickening lies.

3. Armed with the said Court of Appeal judgment, the Receiver got a Federal High Court Order in 2017 in FHC/ CS/L/1242/2017 which was executed and the entire charged plots of Land including that piece being claimed by Dr Albert Ndulue was recovered by the Deputy Sheriff of the Federal High Court in November 13th, 2017 and the *Receiver was put in possession. The Certificate of Execution of 13/11/2017 is attached as Annexure 3. It is important to state here that on 13th November, 2017 when the land was handed to me, the Receiver, it was a vacant land without any development thereon.*

4. Dr Albert Ndulue in his vile appeal to pity did not tell the public that he and his co land grabbers challenged the take-over by the Receiver in court and lost the challenge by a *Ruling dated 9th January, 2018 in Suit No. FHC/ CS/L/1242/2017.*

5. Note that Dr Albert Ndulue did not inform nor admit to the interviewer and the Public that after this particular Parcel of land was sold by the Receiver and the owner/purchaser had built a one storey  building on the land, *that himself and his son - Chike Ndulue with thugs attacked the building in the dead of the night in 2019 and demolished the completed one storey structure.* Attached is a photo of the demolished structure. We challenge him to lay hands on his gray hair and deny this.

6. That Dr Albert Ndulue, his lawyer Enoch Aguocha and his said son began to employ devious means to seize the land and ended up filing a suit at the High Court in Suit No. LD/2767/GCMW/2018 against the Receiver for declaration of title. How convenient was it to forget to mention this. This matter raged in court for 5 years within which Dr Ndulue found confidence to grab the asset and began to deal adversely with it. Again, in accordance with the law, on July 13th, 2023, the Court ruled against Dr Albert Ndulue. Attached herewith is the judgment. The law is trite that the owner of the land is the owner of everything on it. 

7. Before now, this self same matter had gone to the desk of the IGP who ordered investigation into the activities of Dr Albert Ndulue and his co land grabbers. The interim report dated  .     2019 returned an indictment of fraud, trespass and violence.

8. Dr Albert Ndulue continued to use imported armed men to attack the assigned owner of the land. This caused the Assignee to go to court against Ndulue and the Receiver. *An interim and interlocutory injunction were issued against Dr Albert Ndulue. But because he has no regard for laws, he continued his attacks on the owner.*

9. With countless allegations and investigative reports on him, the legal department of zone 2 police command concluded to charge him and his lawyer to court. On getting whiff of this, they began to blackmail the AIG, Zone 2. Calling him and everyone names.

As we write this, the Police are on his trail to bring him and his cohorts to book

10. Clearly, persons like Dr Albert Ndulue are of immense present and clear danger to the rule of law and administration of Justice in our society.

His narratives are a sorry, inciteful, violent attack on the law. Every well meaning Nigerian and indeed the security agencies must reign in this invidious conduct by anyone no matter how stricken in years or highly placed. 

We urge the general public to discountenance his obvious string of lies and cheap blackmail to win sympathy.

Indeed, If we continue to entertain means of his nature, our Banks will soon begin to fail due to their inability to enforce securities for loans in the nature of what Dr Albert Ndulue and his cohorts are attempting to do. 

We enjoin the general public to advise him to ventilate his claim in Court and claim damages and be at liberty to appeal all the Judgments of the various Courts against him and refrain from maligning the Receiver and the Nigeria Police on the media.

Abah Onah is the Receiver Managers

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