Nigeria to Host Young Diplomats Conference


Nigeria is set to host the inaugural Africa Young Diplomats and Changemakers Conference on the continent.

The country intention was made known after the successful participation of Nigerian delegate at the Best Diplomat Conference held in Turkey between March 1-4, 2024

The Best Diplomat Conference brought together young leaders and professionals from around the world to discuss pressing global issues through diplomatic relations and simulations. A delegation of young Nigerians played a pivotal role in the conference's success.

Speaking on the conference, Diplomat Valentina Ofi Amiebi-Uchegbu, a member of the Nigerian delegation, said: “Our participation alongside delegates from various African nations was significant," adding that: "We shared experiences and insights, emphasizing the challenges facing the Middle East as a central agenda."

She noted that the conference culminated in the creation of "Africa Young Diplomats and Changemakers," a platform designed to equip young Africans with the skills and knowledge to navigate diplomacy and foster cross-cultural understanding.

"Africa Young Diplomats and Changemakers is tailored for African youths aspiring to become changemakers and diplomats," explained Amiebi-Uchegbu. 

She added that: “It offers transformative opportunities for collaboration and innovation, addressing shared challenges across the continent."

She revealed that the Nigerian delegation is now setting its sights on hosting the inaugural Africa Young Diplomats and Changemakers Conference on the continent.

She said: “We intend to seize upon this opportunity to secure a consultative status with the African Union (AU) and pertinent Regional Bodies," adding that: "We look forward to elaborating on our plans and strategies to realize this important endeavor."

In his assessment of the impact of the conference in Turkey, Pilate Seluka, Diplomat from Malawi and Simulation Representative of Botswana, said: “The sight of one of our own young man swiping the prestigious title; Best Diplomat was incredible!!! Young and passionate African Leaders are rising & prepositioning to prepare the continent for the 22nd century. Africa is the future of the world."

In her view, Mrs Valentina Ofi Amiebi-Uchegbu, Diplomat of Nigeria and Simulation Representative of SHELL PLC, says,  "The experience at Best Diplomats Conference left me with the belief that we can collaborate better in solving various challenges across the Continent of Africa. 

"The preparation before the conference and the simulation during the conference was well managed by the organisers. 

"Representatives of countries came together to discuss possible solutions and arrive at a common way forward on the highlighted issue/case study.

"This we achieved successfully which resulted in friendships formed due to the meeting of like minds. 

"I look forward to participating in future conferences."

On her part, Ihunda Eucharia Kejeh

Diplomat of Nigeria and Simulation Representative of Georgia, is more than excited. She said: “The biggest Learning from the Best Diplomats Conference  was how exposed and learned we are as Africans, our attention to detail and the true advocation for peace, safety and unity for all is what gives us a common goal. - Tatenda Mushaike, Diplomat of Zimbabwe simulating Zambia

"When I set out to attend the Best Diplomats Simulation at Istanbul Turkiye, I didn’t know what to expect and no it wasn’t exactly zero expectations, it was my anticipation, the thought of being a part of something as big as the United Nations was exhilarating.

"The Best Diplomats Simulation, was indeed Diplomacy Beyond Barriers. Meeting people from all over the world, working together and sharing ideas irrespective of our cultural diversity was a Beauty to behold."

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