Wike Advised to Ensure Adherence to Guiding Rule of VIO

The Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike has been advised to ensure that the guiding rule of appointment and career progression of Vehicle Inspection Officer are adhered to under his watch.

A letter addressed to the Minister by one Ismaila Abdullahi and made available to journalists read: “The National Council on Establishment (NCE) at its 40th meeting held from 12th -16th March 2018, approved the creation of Vehicle Inspection Officer, Cadre Graded on SGL 08-17 for candidates possessing relevant university degree, vehicle officer/ vehicle inspection Superintendent Cadres Structured on SGL 6th – 14th the National Diploma / Higher National Diploma holders and vehicle Inspection Assistant Cadre SGL 03-07 for secondary school certificate holders and technical certificate such as electrical mechanical and Auto mechanics. “

The letter added that: “In the Federal Capital Territory Administration, the Road Traffic Services Directorate has failed to adhere strictly to the approved Scheme of service both in the areas of appointments, career progression and assigning of responsibilities in terms of assigning of professional duties as stated in the 
public service scheme of service. 

“This is seriously observed and becomes a 
matter of concern to the entire vehicle inspection officers in the FCT, 
Directorate of Road Traffic Services as the level of disservice is gradually set 
in as they are made to be taking professional instructions from the 
Administrative Officers who did not possess the required skills and knowledge even at the Various Zonal offices in the Federal Capital Territory.”

The letter further read that: “The Hon Minister is hereby invited to note that the non-adherence to the schemes of service is a great violation of the Public Service Rules and it has serious implications on both the Road Traffic Services and Professional Vehicle Inspection Officers as they are not allowed to exercise the skills and knowledge acquired from the school and training. Most of these major 
implications are stressed further for proper understanding.

“The appointment of non-professionals as Heads of Directorate and Units in the various Operational Units will give room for disorderliness and confusion as the Professional Vehicle Inspection Officers are not expected to be taking 
directives from the administrative officers who talk the skills and knowledge, yet they are assigned to oversee the inspection of the vehicle even at the zonal 

“The Directorate of Road Traffic Services in FCT and throughout the country is 
a professional organisation which is expected to be guided by its own 
professionals' rules for uniformity and effective operations, contrarily the FCT Directorate has been manned by the Administrative Officers who have not undergone any requisite training apart from the Administrative procedures training and general rules such as Public Service Rules. “

It however lamented that: “The recent effort by the FCT Management for repositioning of the Directorates to achieve its core mandate is far from the truth as the practice on ground cannot improve Service delivery as the necessary rules and guiding actions of Road Traffic services has been abandoned or eroded. 

“The major focus of the 
FCT Management, which is generation of revenue has been placed higher on 
the other Road Traffic matters like safety on FCT roads which is the core 
mandate of the Service. 

“The Professional Vehicle Inspection Officers are being demoralized and 
subjected to disrespect as the Administrative Officers who are made to oversee the Professional Units are not ready to yield to the Professional advice from the Vehicle Inspection Officer who process the required skills and knowledge.”

“It is therefore pertinent to remind the FCTA that the public service is structured 
in such a manner that no "CADRE" should be put at disadvantage in order to 
favour another Cadre. In the real sense and going by current operations of 
Directorates of FCT Road Traffic Services, the vehicle Inspection Officers 
Cadre had been put at disadvantage over Administrative officers cadre as they are no longer allowed to progress to the position of the Director in the Directorate of FCT Road Traffic Services as such vacancies had been filled by 
the Administrative Officer's contrary to the approved scheme of service,” the letter further revealed.

It stated that: “Finally, there is urgent need to bring to the notice of the FCTA that the recent lunch of the "SELF SERVICE PORTAL" that the motive had been defeated as it has failed to accomplish the purpose. Instead, the plate numbers are allocated to the highest bidder and the excess money are not remitted to the revenue account as earlier proposed. 

“In the light of the afore-mentioned obstacles and challenges militating against the effective operations of the FCT Road Traffic Services, the management is 
requested to note and review the needed activities of FCT, Road Traffic 
Services, Department to be in line with the operation of other States in the 
country and enhance the effective service delivery in the Federal Capital 

“The operation should be structured to fall in line with one public Service in which cadres of all professionals are followed strictly from the bottom to the top.”

 The Minister is advised to take immediate action to ensure that the approved scheme of service for vehicle inspections officers is being followed., stating that: “This is vital to ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians in the FCT.”

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