Aro-Lambo : Reflection about a Passage


By Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu

He has been buried now, enfolded in the womb of his ancestors, huddled in the bosom of the good Lord. 

His journey is made . His cause is fulfilled. 

Honorable Gausudeen  Omotilewa Aro-Lambo has traversed the necessary journey all of us must invariably go through.  He has paid his own debt. He has answered  the prescriptive call of heaven that  all monarchs, the lowly and the mighty  must obey. 

While he has now been entombed with all his flaws, with all his goodness, with all the beauty we all once had at that primary infancy when we had our first breath upon this transient Mother Earth, he will be remembered for his sharp political insight, for his abrasive political style, for his bluster, for his instinctive flair for tactical courage and scheming in the turbulence of the muddy waters of politics.

Aro-Lambo, a son of Olowogbowo , gave the impression of one with a Machiavellian mastery of the political terrain, meandering the fraught landscape with deftness of purpose and strong unyielding will to defy the odds, to engage everyone with a contumacious audacity that is a rarity anywhere.

In more than 50 years of combative political struggles, he eventually rose to the pinnacle of the Secretary to the State Government. Apparently that was the highest height destined for him by fate. 

Like all of us , he was not a perfect strategist. He had his own warts. He could be intemperate, sworn in a totality of his own wisdom, detained in the mulishness of his own orbit. 

But all men err. The greatest of men do stumble, flail in the wind and eventually overwhelmed by the truth of heaven. 

There is a moral here for all of us. No one stays at the top forever. Life is about twists and turns. It is about rise and fall. Those who repose   at the acme of power today should be reminded that positions, men, fame, tinsels  - are all ephemeral before God. There is none scripted in glorious permanence. None is etched in infinite relevance. Darkness and Twilight must  come at the end of the most luminous light. Such is the fate of all us. 

Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu

Oloriekun of Olowogbowo.

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