Baby Mama Cries out over Failure of Lagos Big boy to take care of love child


"Alleges Threat her life"

A Lady and former Banker,Bukola Dare has cried out over the harassment,intimidation and abandonment by her baby's father,Mr Oladipupo David Fagbenja 

In videos she posted on Facebook page of hers,the former worker with sterling bank disclosed that she was tricked into the relationship by the said Mr Fagbenja and he never told her he was married until she got pregnant and he suggested an abortion,a procedure she rejected for fear of her life

She said they had a very romantic relationship as he regularly visited her in school,while in federal polytechnic Ilaro,spending considerable number of days with her 

She explained that the pregnancy led to the relationship being strained , but the matter was resolved and she had the child and that barely a year after birth,Mr Fagbenja requested for the custody of the child ,which she resisted ,stressing that she couldn't leave her only child to another woman and that it infuriated the man,who vowed to deal with her ,using his numerous connections 

She further asserted that I order to show his true colours,he regularly shares responsibility on the child with her and sometimes leaves her to fulfil all

However,she claimed that after severe efforts made to make him change his mind failed,he had to approach a family court in Ogba, ikeja asking that he should be compelled  to be responsible for the upkeep of the child 

Bukola said that this procedure didn't go down well with the baby's father ,who initially failed to respond to court summons nor sent legal  representative,until the court summons  were being pasted on the wall of his office at ICMA in GRA ikeja

On two occasions,he has sent a lawyer who represented him , but he never showed up

She however said the matter took a dangerous dimension as Mr Fagbenja dragged her before the police claiming she threatened to kill him, a matter that was not properly investigated before being taken the a court and remanded at the correction center in kikikiri 

She further opined that it took the intervention of her lawyer,family members as well as numerous well wishes to get her out

She now said in recent times,she has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening her life and that of her child,which has made her think withdraw her son from school,as she has earlier sent a letter that the school , but was not honoured as the father still had access to the child ,a situation she feels endangers the well being of the little  boy

Bukola Dare is calling on Nigerians to come to her aid and protect her from a rich man,who is out to make life miserable for her and her child 

In her words " I want Nigerians to safe me and my son from Mr Fagbenja David Oladipupo ,who works with  ICMA Professional services in GRA Ikeja. He has been using his influence and money to frustrate me and the son I have for him. I have taken him before the family court in Ogba, but he has not been forthcoming, not until twice when he sent a Lawyer to represent him and to my consternation,a criminal case was instituted against me by him and the police failed to embark on thorough investigation before I was sent to Prison on trumped up charges. Presently,my Lawyers are out g the needful to get the charges quashed. But the recent development of strangers calling me,threatening me and my son is the fear I nurse now. I have to withdraw my son from school for fear of being kidnapped or attacked by the agents of the father. I hereby appeal to Nigerians to safe me from him. 

In a telephone call with the lawyer of Mr Fagbneja,Barrister Akposinruke Eloho she maintained that her client is not averse to discussion and that the lady has a criminal matter hanging on her. 

Barrister Akposinruke stated that her client is a responsible father

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