ECOWAS, Private Sector Unveil Strategies to Boost Tourism in West Africa


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the private tourism sector and other stakeholders have unveiled strategic initiatives aimed at boosting tourism across the region.

The strategies are contained in a communique issued following a 3-day high level strategic dialogue between ECOWAS, West African private sector tourism stakeholders and experts in Abuja on Thursday.

According to the communique, the meeting recommended that the private tourism sector should formulate a request for funding for the activities of ECOTOUR 19-29 Country Operational Units to the ECOWAS Commission.

It was also recommended that the private tourism sector should generate funds from Technical and Financial Partners (TFPs) with a view to implementing a robust and sustainable regional tourism for economic growth.

The communique also advised the private tourism sector to identify and seek the support of technical and financial partners (TFPs) to support the private tourism sector, practitioners were also asked to initiate and 

sign a partnership agreement among themselves and the ECOWAS Commission.

The communique also recommended that ECOWAS Member States should provide national classification commissions and structures in charge of resource regulation.

It also urged them to organize awareness-raising sessions for industry stakeholders on the new regulations.

Also recommended is the organisation of capacity building sessions for national classification commissions and regulatory structures. by the ECOWAS Commission.

It also recommended that Member States should establish harmonized tourism satellite accounts, as well as transmit and make available the new regulations for their individual countries.

The communique also recommended that the ECOWAS Commission should conduct a mid-term evaluation of ECOTOUR 19-29.

The communique was signed by the Director, Hospitality and Travel Trade, Nigerian Tourism Development Authority.

Mrs Ruth Ndam, President, Hotel Ranking Commission of Côte d’Ivoire, Mr Boka Georges, and Director General of Tourism of Guinea Bissau, Mr Massa Cande,.

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