Vice Principal leads AI training for teachers in Northern Cross River


Vice principal of Government Secondary school, Adagom, and Microsoft Certified Educator, Mike Udam, has taken the lead in introducing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) training programme for educators in Northern Cross River. 

The programme aims to equip teachers with the necessary skills to effectively utilize AI tools in teaching and learning, receiving enthusiastic feedback and appreciation from its participants.

Driven by his fervor for advancing education through technology, Mr. Udam highlighted the transformative potential of AI in the classroom. 

Through practical demonstrations and discussions, he showcased diverse AI applications, enlightening fellow teachers on the myriad possibilities AI offers in education.

In a statement, Mr. Udam articulated that his initiative stemmed from a desire to contribute positively to his colleagues' professional growth. 

"Empowering teachers with AI knowledge can greatly enhance educational quality and impact students' lives," he emphasized, underscoring his commitment to fostering educational excellence.

Attendees commended Mr. Udam for his dedication and forward-thinking approach, recognizing the training as a vital step in their professional development. 

Many expressed gratitude, acknowledging the initiative's role in bridging crucial gaps in their skill sets, while some remarked on the absence of similar governmental efforts.

The ripple effects of this AI training endeavor are anticipated to reverberate throughout Northern Cross River's educational sphere, as teachers embrace innovative tools and methodologies to enrich student learning experiences. 

Under Mr. Udam's guidance, AI's potential to revolutionize education in the region has been ignited, promising a brighter future for educators and learners alike.

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