Envoy Identifies Proficiency in Chinese Language as a Path to Career Progression


The Director, China Cultural Centre in Nigeria, Mr. Li Xuda has advocated for the teaching of Chinese language in schools across Nigeria, noting that this would open doors to a wide range of career paths and job opportunities that would inevitably enhance many Nigerians competitiveness in an ever-evolving world.

The Director, who gave the advise at the finals of  23rd Seasoned of the Chinese Bridge-“Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students”, held virtually in Abuja, at the weekend, said acquiring fluency in Chinese language would improve the chance of being employed in the international labour market as Chinese language is widely used.

He noted that the Bridge-Chinese Proficiency competition, which  highlights the importance of language and cultural exchange between China and Nigeria aims to boost participants’ interest in learning Chinese and deepen their cultural understanding. 

He also said that the competition, connects China with the world, strengthens mutual understanding, bilateral relationship and create rooms for economic growth and cultural exchange.

“With China's expanding influence in international trade, technology, and diplomacy, the ability to communicate effectively in Chinese is viewed as a valuable asset for individuals seeking to advance their careers in an interconnected world. All our students should learn Chinese because most of the jobs or opportunities come when you know at least two foreign languages." Xuda said 

He explained that “Chinese Bridge” is a symbol of cultural exchange and language proficiency, and its successful organization in Nigeria is a testament to the growing interest in Chinese language and culture among Nigerian students. 

He noted that most foreign employers hunt for employees who are skilled in Chinese language, which calls for the need to learn the language.

“Employers across industries are increasingly seeking candidates with Chinese language skills to engage with Chinese partners, clients, and markets. As businesses look to expand their operations in China and tap into its consumer base, the demand for employees proficient in Chinese is expected to rise significantly in the coming years". He explained

Also speaking, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Yu Zhangbao, noted that  hard work, determination with a conducive  learning environment, Students will be able to perform well, showcase their skills and style, and achieve excellent results towards enhancing national and economic growth.

He said: @The "Chinese Bridge" Chinese competition has greatly inspired more young people to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. It has also greatly increased the visibility of Chinese teaching in Nigeria in the global Chinese teaching circle. I believe that with everyone's efforts, we will make further progress. I wish all the contestants perform well, show their skills and style, and achieve excellent results.”

The Dean, University of lagos Confucius Institute, Zhao hongling, in his part, stressed that the "Chinese Bridge" competition connects China with the world, providing a platform for college students to showcase their Chinese language skills and understanding of the  Chinese culture.

He noted that: “The successful organisation of the Nigerian finals is due to the hard work of many leaders, teachers, and staff, whose dedication is greatly appreciated. This competition emphasizes that hard work leads to success in learning Chinese, regardless of when one starts. It aims to boost participants' enthusiasm for learning Chinese and deepen their cultural understanding. 

“On behalf of the Confucius Institute at University of lagos, I wish all participants the best and hope for the competition's complete success in Nigeria."

The 23rd season of the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, which leads Chinese learners  around the world to a more diverse and harmonious future, had 12 college students from all over Nigeria as participants.

After a series of excellent displays, Zhengui emerged winner of the competition while Zhou Wenjing and Qi Siheng came second, with Shen Moli, Chen Peixi, and Tian Jie placed third.

The winner of the contest has the opportunity to travel to China and compete in the global “Chinese Bridge” competition. Sent from my iPhone

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