Senator Gbenga Daniel urges Yoruba parents to encourage children to join security agencies


In a recent dialogue with the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Ogun State chapter, Senator Otunba Gbenga Daniel, representing Ogun East, appealed to Yoruba parents to shift their perspective on enrolling their children in the nation's security forces. 

Addressing journalists, Senator Daniel emphasized the need for collective efforts to rectify past mistakes and bolster national security.

"There's no American citizen who has not gone through compulsory military training, and this is also true in Britain," said Senator Daniel. 

He stressed the importance of military training for young citizens, arguing that such discipline and experience are crucial for the nation's security and development.

Highlighting the critical role of the Nigerian navy in safeguarding the country’s economy, Senator Daniel pointed out, "The whole economy of Nigeria is inside water, and the agency in charge is the Nigerian navy." 

He urged parents to encourage their children to join the navy and other security agencies, underscoring that these roles are vital for national stability and prosperity.

Senator Daniel's call to action seeks to dispel the age-old belief prevalent in the Southwest that only stubborn children should join the military or security forces. 

"The mistakes we've made in the past, we must make conscious efforts to correct," he stated, appealing for a cultural shift towards recognizing the value of military and security service.

By encouraging young Yoruba men and women to pursue careers in the navy and other security sectors, Senator Daniel hopes to see a more secure and economically stable southwestern Nigeria. 

"Let us help you and your kids to enter the navy and other security agencies," he concluded.

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