The Fight Against Cultism In Sagamu and the Threat To life of Security Agents


The relatively  peaceful atmosphere  in Sagamu, an ancient  town in Ogun State, south  Western Nigeria has been gravely shattered by the influx of Cultists  into the town, Owing to the nefarious activities of men of questionable  characters , engaged in illegal activities  of oil bunkering and other unwholesome  activities.  

In order to outdo each others  in the illegal businesses they are carrying  out, the sponsors and operators engage  the services of notorious  Cultists from across the state to unleash mayhem on their opponents. 

Over the years, the political class, having seen the brutality being carried out by the Cultists, also joined the 'chorus' by also recruiting  the cult boys to help them win elections by all means at all costs. 

In the battle for the control of the ancient town,  rival cult groups have violently attacked each other  with dangerous  weapons including Knives, Cudgel,  acid and even guns, which has left  some maimed , while others paid the Supreme price.

In order to ameliorate the situation,  local government council in conjunction  with business owners  secured the services of security  experts and vigilante groups were formed, which radically confronted  the Cultists and reduced their activities, a move which was later resisted as the vigilante group will hand over arrested Cultists to the Police, who in turn will not embark on diligent  profiling, investigation  and eventual  prosecution of those arrested , a move which negatively impacted  on the economic activities  of the boisterous  environment., 

In the long run, having been given tacit support by the Police, the officers and men of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria became the target of their heinous  activities,  several of them were killed in the course of carrying  out their lawful duties.  

A prominent  chief of the town,  Chief Bashorun Abiodun was murdered by yet to be identified  Cultists,  who transverse the length and breath of the town with impunity, which has made several operatives  to scamper  for safety , as Chief Bashorun Abiodun  was a prominent support base of theirs. 

Another prominent member of the Vigilante  Group was murdered in cold blood by the dreaded cult members,  while his headway chopped off his body and taken to an unknown destination 

However,  others have fled into different directions  as the government  of the day  seem incapable  of handling the unfortunate  situation 

The whereabouts  of one the vigilante  members,  who is  the Intelligence  Security Officer for the Vigilante Group of Nigeria,  Mr Ibrahim  Adeola Solarin is still unknown,  as he disappeared  from work since last year, whereby his family members have cried out to help locate him 

The family are afraid that he might have been murdered by the Cultists,  but there has not been any verifiable  evidence to justify that, which has made the parents of the Dubai trained Security expert to be in sad mood 

Mr Solarin it was gathered was a suave and cerebral intelligence  officer who deliver on his primary assignment  with utmost  precision ,whose whereabouts  has elicited fear in the community since last year ,as one of this close friends was murdered prior to his disappearance 

While all efforts seem not fruitful  in locating Mr Solarin, his young  wife too has disappeared into thin air , as the family informed that they can not  also locate her 

From the foregoing,  the family is appealing to the government  to help locate their son, whose passion for his state made him join the VGN, having acquired  training in  tertiary institutions  both home and Dubai,   United Arab  Emirates 

It's obvious the government  is culpable in this battle and all efforts to speak with the council chairman proved abortive

There's palpable  fear in the Local governmentand it's environs as residents  feel threatened  by the obvious inability of governments  to arrest the perpetrators  of violence 

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