Bola Aganaba @60: A Legacy of Impact, Faith, and Generosity


Bola Aganaba, a man of exceptional character, dedication, and commitment to excellence, celebrates his 60th birthday. With a decade-long career as a civil engineer and pastor, he has not only left an indelible mark on Nigeria's infrastructure development but also touched countless lives through his kindness, generosity, and unwavering faith. As we honour his milestone birthday, Senator Iroegbu weaves the threads of his remarkable life, which has built bridges, left footprints of love, and strengthened faith.


A Tapestry of Integrity, Kindness, and Unwavering Faith

In a world where perfection is elusive, Pastor Bola Aganaba stands out as a rare gem who excels in multiple realms of life. As we celebrate Aganaba's milestone 60th birthday, we honour a man who has not only excelled in his family and profession but also in his spirituality and societal duties. This rare feat is a testament to his exceptional character, dedication, and commitment to excellence.


With a career spanning decade as a civil engineer at the Federal Ministry of Works, Aganaba has not just left an indelible mark, but a legacy on Nigeria's infrastructure development. His contributions to road maintenance and safety are not just well-documented, but a source of immense pride. As a devoted husband, father, and pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), he has touched countless lives with his kindness, generosity, and unwavering faith. Having recently retired from the Federal Civil Service at age 60, his contributions to national development and life of impact and service are rightfully honoured.

From the first encounter, it is evident that Aganaba wears no masks. His honesty is refreshing—a beacon in a world often clouded by pretence. He speaks his mind, stands by his convictions, and means every word. His transparent heart shines like a polished gem in a world of guile. Aganaba's family tree sprawls like an ancient oak, its branches reaching far and wide. But he doesn’t merely embrace blood relations; he extends his arms to friends, acquaintances, and anyone who crosses his path, especially members of his congregation. His home is not just a sanctuary, but a haven where warmth and laughter flow freely. Once you are part of his orbit, you are forever welcomed.

James Bond may have shaken martinis, but the engineer-turned-clergyman stirs life with unyielding calmness. Challenges come and go, and storms rage, yet he remains anchored. Living a Christlike life is embedded in his ethos. As Jesus assured his worried disciples during a stormy boat ride, Aganaba's faith always whispers, “God is in control,” and he lives it. The wrinkles of worry never etch his brow; instead, he wears a perpetual smile—the kind that defies life’s storms.

Behold Bola Aganaba—the man who defies time. His style transcends mere fashion; it’s an attitude of perpetual youth. With each passing year, he insists he’s a year younger, and the mirror obliges. As a man thinketh in his heart, he remains—a testament to the power of positive self-perception.

Bola Olotu Aganaba is a name that resonates with dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Born on May 18, 1964, in the vibrant city of Kaduna, Nigeria, his life journey has been remarkable. He hails from Odi in the Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government area of Bayelsa State and is the youngest of seven siblings, with four sisters and two brothers. On September 16, 2000, he married Anita Aganaba, and their union produced one child, Charmaine Aganaba.

A Journey of Excellence and Service

Aganaba resonates with honesty, generosity, and an unshakable spirit. As we celebrate his 60th birthday, let us weave together the threads of his remarkable life—a life that has touched hearts, built bridges and left footprints of love.

A firm foundation on education and sportsmanship

Bola Aganaba stood out from his early years. His academic brilliance was matched only by his unwavering character and sporting prowess. Aganaba’s educational voyage began at the Elizabeth Fowler Memorial Primary School in Surulere, Lagos, where he imbibed the values of discipline and curiosity. His secondary education at Baptist Academy Lagos further shaped his character, laying the groundwork for an excellent future.

Pursuing knowledge, he embarked on a path that led him to the Rivers State University of Science & Technology (RSUST). He honed his intellect here, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1987. But Bola was not merely a scholar; he was also a sportsman. His excellence extended to the hockey field, football pitch, and track and field events, where he proudly represented RSUST. Representing his school and Lagos State in hockey, he left an indelible mark. His talent extended to the athletic field, where he excelled in the long jump—a skill that could have taken him to international heights had he pursued it further. His love for football remains undiminished. Whether playing or watching, the beautiful game stirs his soul. But beyond sports, his compassion knows no bounds. He despises injustice and champions the cause of those who suffer.

A career forged across Nigeria

Aganaba is a road warrior, and his professional journey mirrors the diverse landscapes of Nigeria itself. As a civil engineer, he crisscrossed the nation, ensuring that Nigerian roads were motorable and leaving his mark in states such as Lagos, Sokoto, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Kano, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). His work ethic and expertise caught decision-makers attention, leading to his appointment as the first Chief Maintenance Engineer for Rivers State under the then-newly established Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) in June 2003.

Aganaba's trajectory didn’t stop there. In July 2009, he ascended to Executive Director (East Operations), a testament to his leadership and vision. His contributions to infrastructure development reverberated far beyond the highways he meticulously maintained. His goal was clear: to make a difference wherever he found himself.

Remarkably, his tenure in the Federal Ministry of Works was more than a job; it was a calling. His exemplary service to the nation reverberated through the highways he meticulously maintained. However, his role as the first Chief Maintenance Engineer for Rivers State under FERMA showcased his commitment. Notably, he ensured that the road leading to the Federal Government College Odi remained impeccable—a gesture that endeared him to the people of Odi.

His integrity was unshakable. Contractors marvelled at his refusal to accept bribes, preserving the family’s reputation. Aganaba’s benevolence extended beyond bloodlines; he touched lives within and outside the family. His heart radiated love, compassion, and generosity, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate to cross his path.

A beacon of faith, family, and community

Beyond engineering, Aganaba’s heart beats for service. He served for years in the Follow-up and Evangelism Department of RCCG Kings Palace, Port Harcourt. His diligence and commitment earned him the endearing moniker of the “Kingfisher"—a symbol of tireless effort in church planting committees. Rural parishes in Rivers State owe their existence to his unwavering dedication.

Since December 2014, Pastor Aganaba has been the guiding force behind RCCG Holy Ghost Arena in Utako, Abuja. His pastoral role extends beyond the pulpit; it permeates the lives of those who seek solace and inspiration within those hallowed walls.

Aganaba’s ministry transcends pulpits. He’s a soul winner in the marketplace—a living epistle read by all. His faith isn’t a Sunday garment; it’s woven into every step he takes. As a pastor, he doesn’t merely preach; he lives the message. His heart beats for lost souls, and his hands reach out to lift the fallen. His life is a living sermon—a testament to God’s grace.

More importantly, Aganaba's personal life is a canvas painted with love and family bonds. He shares his days with Mrs. Anita Aganaba, his partner in life’s journey. Together, they are blessed with a daughter named Charmaine Aganaba.

As a husband to Anita, a senior executive at the giant oil firm ENI Nigeria, and a father to Charmaine, Aganaba exemplifies love in action. His unwavering commitment to God and family sets a high standard. Anita’s words echo the sentiment shared by all who know him: “He is an extraordinary, loving, selfless, kind, humble, unassuming, generous soul, totally sold out to God.” Bola’s love transcends mere words; it is a symphony of deeds that resonate through the lives he touches.

As we celebrate Bola Aganaba's 60th birthday, we honour a man whose life is a testament to excellence, service, and unyielding faith. His journey continues to inspire and uplift all fortunate to know him.


Testimonials: Celebrating a Life of Love, Service, and Faith

Aganaba's life is a testament to the power of love, service, and unwavering faith. As we celebrate his 60th birthday, we are reminded of his profound impact on countless lives.

Anita, his wife, beautifully captured the essence of his character: "He is love in action... sold out to God." She praised his selflessness, kindness, and humility, which made their marriage a joyous journey. Aganaba's commitment to his faith is unwavering, and his love for God is evident in every aspect of his life. His sisters, Powei Horsfall and Ebi Obaro, echoed similar sentiments, describing him as gentle, caring, and kind-hearted. They praised his generosity and willingness to assist others, always ready to lend a helping hand. His youthful energy and handsome appearance belie his 60 years, a testament to his vibrant spirit.

As an engineer, Bola has built bridges of connection, leaving a lasting legacy in his field. As clergy, he has nurtured souls, guiding countless individuals on their spiritual journeys. As a father and husband, he has woven a tapestry of love and compassion, a true patriarch of his family. His embodiment of love, kindness, and generosity has inspired many, and his dedication to integrity, humility, and purpose has made him a true leader.

His brother, Justice Nayai Aganaba, praised him, saying, "Bola is an embodiment of love to those who have come close to him. Sometimes, I wonder how he does it. I pray that God will continue giving him the strength, resources, and longevity to remain relevant to his people, society, and humanity."

In the same vein, Steve and Panebi Oboh admired his dedication to integrity, humility, purpose, contribution, and impact. Synthea Cameron-Odu, his sister-in-law, commended him for being a fantastic person who deserves God's blessing, describing him as kind, caring, and warm-hearted.

Furthermore, Stephanie Daukoru, another sister-in-law, appreciates his welcoming nature, saying, "You have been an amazing brother-in-law, welcoming everyone with kindness and warmth. May we continue to enjoy your grace for many more years." Calvin Odu, his nephew, fondly calls him "Uncle B" and lauded his calm and supportive nature, saying, "Uncle B is very calm, accommodating, very supportive. He loves God a lot and always makes Sunday service fun." Weri Jaja, family, and friends wish him a life of hope and love.”

Also testifying to his impact, Tokoni Aganaba, his niece, lauded him for inspiring and encouraging many to achieve greater heights, saying, "Dear Uncle B, thank you for inspiring and encouraging so many people around you to achieve greater heights. Your gentleness and empathy have changed several lives for good." Jubilee Ephraim, a friend, described him as a peacemaker, saying, "Bola is the definition of 'peacemaker.' Through the grace of God upon his life, Bola lifts the downtrodden." Ebiti Udo, his sister-in-law, appreciates his kindness and empathy, saying, "Uncle B, you have been a great in-law, big brother, and confidant." Another sister-in-law, CY Uba, thanked him for his support and kindness, saying, "Your life story would never be complete without mentioning how God used you to sustain me for years." Florence Edward, his niece, thanks him for being a pillar of support and strength.

From the clergy community, Pastor Dennis and Pastor Mrs. Grace Epelle wish him God's blessings beyond measure. Pastor Edmund and Pastor Joy Oseahon from Port Harcourt wish him the best of years, while Pastor Tony Amos, a friend, described him as a “good man and Christian”.  Elder Japan and Deaconess Christy Omu prayed for God's infinite mercy and blessings, saying, "We continue to pray that God in His infinite mercy that has seen you through service to your country will cause your latter years to be greater and sweeter than the former."

In the same vein, the family of Renmi and Sunbo Sola-Philips, co-pastors and friends, congratulate him on his milestones, saying, "Heaven's best is all we pray for you in Jesus' name." Nnamdi and Tukeni, his sister and brother-in-law, fondly describe him as a shining example of kindness, a perfect gentleman, and a devoted family man. They express their immense pride in him, wishing him a joyous birthday surrounded by loved ones.

Members of the RCCG Holy Ghost Arena, where Aganaba shepherds also testified to how great, dedicated, reliable, and compassionate their pastor is. Mr Debo Ikuesan, a church member, shares a heartwarming testimony of his kindness. After a terrible car accident in 2015, Aganaba selflessly offered help and support, standing by him throughout the ordeal. Debo prays that the Clergy's large heart will continue to be a source of blessings, opening doors of favour for him. Deacon Victor Mayomi, a church elder, offered a heartfelt prayer for the celebrant, asking God to continue blessing him, lifting him, and enabling him to bless generations. He prayed for a long life, prosperity, good health, and a sound mind for him and his family. Etumudon Mike Osaro and Mrs Christy Adeniyi, ministers in his Parish, wished their pastor and his family abundant blessings and an increase.

A Prayer for the Journey Ahead

As we celebrate Bola Aganaba's 60th birthday, we join the chorus of gratitude, praising God for his life and legacy. May God grant him strength, wisdom, and boundless compassion, empowering him to continue inspiring future generations.


His legacy will ripple through generations, a testament to a well-lived life. With honesty and integrity, he has worn no masks, shining like a beacon in a world of uncertainty. His heart, an open book, is filled with kindness, generosity, and unwavering love.


As a footballer, he danced on the field, leaving footprints of grace. But beyond the game, he played life with the same elegance, building bridges of connection, nurturing souls, and weaving a tapestry of love and compassion.


May his journey continue to inspire us all. Indeed, Bola Olotu Aganaba, born May 18, 1964, is a man whose legacy transcends concrete and asphalt. He stands tall as an embodiment of excellence, service, and unwavering faith, inspiring us to leave our footprints on the sands of time.


We celebrate his life at 60, unravelling the threads that compose this remarkable man—a blend of engineer, clergyman, father, and husband. May his journey continue to inspire us all, and may he be blessed with many more years of good health, happiness, and fulfilment. Cheers to a remarkable life!

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